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Our Principles:

We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, providing high tech and high quality products with continuous improvements.

Our Team
Our existing organizational structure is built to best fit our current operation as a local and multinational distributor. This organizational structure is not limited and is in dynamic expansion following our business needs.

Our Success
Is defined by a dedicated professional team with "know how" that demonstrates efficiency and reliability apart from specialized knowledge. We are present in countries that we serve through well structured set-ups. We carefully select product lines to meet the fast growing market needs in the area and therefore represent a variety of international suppliers.



 Contact us

Head Quarter Office:

SAR Center, 4th, 6th, and 10th Floor
Fouad Chehab Street, Sin El Fil, Beirut, Lebanon

e-mail: - web:
Tel: +961 1 513 445/6/7  - +961 1 502 777 - Fax: +961 1 481 777

Area of Operation:
Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain

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