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1) AU480:

    With a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an on board capacity of 63 different analytes the AU480 Chemistry System is the ideal main analyzer for small to medium sized laboratories. The AU480 Chemistry System can also fit as a special chemistry or STAT analyzer in large laboratories as well.
    TheAU480 Chemistry System maintains many features of its predecessor the AU400 that made it successful; long life electrodes, low maintenance and superior spot photometer technology.



2) AU680:

    The newest member of the high-performance Beckman Coulter laboratory analyzer series is the AU680 Chemistry System. Based on in-depth customer consultation, the AU680 Chemistry System is intended to help medium to high throughput laboratories meet ever increasing pressures on time and productivity.


3) AU2700:

    Creating more efficiency for high volume laboratories, the AU2700 automates chemistry testing and provides extended walk away time. This high-speed analyzer delivers true random access testing with up to 1600 photometric test results per hour (up to 2133 results with electrolytes) and up to 51 tests on-board. Consolidate with Beckman Coulter's 125 test menu, including chemistries, special chemistries, urine chemistry, specific proteins, esoteric chemistries and tests for therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs-of-abuse, and thyroid function. With the newest Beckman Coulter advances to increase ease of use, the AU2700 delivers efficiency to meet real world lab needs.

4) AU5400:

    The AU5400 Chemistry System random access chemistry analyzer is available as a 2 or 3 photometric unit version including a single or double cell ISE unit. This results in throughput of up to 3200 or 4800 photometric tests/hr and up to 900 or 1800 ISE tests/hr respectively.



5) AU5800:

    The AU5800 series is the newest addition to Beckman Coulter’s AU chemistry portfolio, representing the highest throughput and fastest chemistry analyzers in the AU family. With true random access capabilities and a throughput ranging from approximately 2,000 tests up to an impressive 9,800 tests per hour, the AU5800 is available in four different scalable models, positioned for the high-volume core hospital laboratory to the ultra-high-test volume commercial laboratory market segments.



6) AutoMate™ 2500 Family Sample Processing Systems:

    When you need to improve lab efficiency, turn to the AutoMate for an automation system that fits your lab's unique requirements.
    The AutoMate has everything you need to streamline pre- and post-analytical processes and position your lab for optimal performance and labor usage. Plus, with the AutoMate, your lab can accommodate greater workflow by eliminating steps between sample receipt and analytical stage.




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