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Diagnostic > Blood Gas & Labeling System

1) Blood Gas:

Gastat-600 series;

  • Touch sensitive panel
  • ¬†Zero-maintenance electrodes.
  • Requires two solutions (CAL Cassette and Flush solution) to function.
  • Automatic aspiration from syringe or capillary.
  • Barcode functionality.
  • ¬†Intercommunication without PC.
  • Power failure protection.

Gastat-mini; is a compact light weighted with high precision blood gas analyzer. It is ideal for use in operating rooms, emergency rooms and ambulances.


2) BC.ROBO-888:

BC ROBO is a unique pre-analytical laboratory automation system installed blood drawing room, and perfects specimen/patient identification before phlebotomy.
  • Choosing primary tube according to the test request from LIS/HIS.
  • Printing bar-code label
  • Sticking the label on the tube
  • Dispensing as a kit for each patient along with blood draw work list.

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